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“Monkey, Shakespeare, Typewriter: Cybersecurity for everyone” is your everyday guide to cybersecurity. Don’t share OTPs, don’t click on unknown links. Everyone knows this. This book focuses on the why and helps you build a system to protect yourself online. Subscribe to my newsletter here


About The Book

Written by a cybersecurity professional for the layman, this book adapts the cybersecurity practices used in the corporate world to help the reader build their own cyber defence! It strips away the jargon and acts as a guidebook for you to safely journey the cyber-verse

Digital Crown Jewels

You cannot protect everything. Monkey Shakespeare Typewriter helps you identify what is important to you, so that you can protect it. Think of it like putting your crown jewels in a safe deposit vault and leaving old issues of magazines on the porch.

What do you Risk?

You ‘risk’ something when something of value to you is also interesting to an attacker. Learn to identify your key risks.


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